Deborah Doole


Radiant health and a pain free body depend on harmony throughout. Disruption of this balance by injury, disease, stress or shock can cause pain and restriction.

The osteopath ensures that the muscles, bones, ligaments, organs and membranes are realigned with good blood and nerve supply and free from inflammation and so free from pain.

Each patient will come with a unique picture. Treatment is tailor-made, appropriate to each particular person and their state at the time.

Many different techniques are used including muscle stretching, release of the organs, articulation of joints and cranial osteopathy.

The osteopath will restore the harmony.

The session is gentle, safe, and pleasant.


Deborah Doole graduated at the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone in 1994 with distinction.She now lectures with the International Faculty of the ESO in the UK and abroard. Debbie worked for 3 years in France in a medical practice with 2 Doctors and has sucessful practices in London and Kent.

Ivo Van Gils

Deborah followed Ivo Van Gils at the Round Room after his departure to France and contines to treat his patients.

Ivo says of Deborah:

"We trained at the same school, share the same philosophy and work to the same principles. She is charming, sensitive, experienced and an excellent osteopath. I am delighted she was able to provide seamless continuity offering the same care and attention that you are used to with me, including advice on nutrition and supplements"

Deborah Doole in the Treatment room at Monks Meadow Oast

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